Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Our Big Fat Hippie Wedding

I recently found our Wedding video, although sadly there was no sound so I've added the song playing during our wedding, Stairway to Heaven from the Symphonic Led Zeppelin album Kashmir.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

September 8, 2003 Jory and Joey Johnson finally get married! Posted by Picasa

What a beautiful day to get married! Posted by Picasa

Me and my two favorite boys, Ethan in my lap and Alex at my side. Posted by Picasa
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(Left to right) My stepsister Jody, her kids Maggie & Wayland's backside,
Our friend Athena & her boy Matrim. Posted by Picasa

Maggie Posted by Picasa

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We are getting married at sunset so we decided to open the presents before the ceremony. Posted by Picasa

. Posted by Picasa

Presents are opened, time to get ready for the big moment. Posted by Picasa

The sunset is almost here! Posted by Picasa

Eric and Athena bringing the beer! Posted by Picasa

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Reverend Sara Leavitt Posted by Picasa

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Everyone's getting ready for the big ceremony. Posted by Picasa

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Sara, my soul sister! She introduced Jory and I back on August 16, 1997. So naturally she had to marry us! Posted by Picasa

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Jen and Sara made a Mark for Jory and I to stand on, but no one told me about the Mark. Posted by Picasa

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Waiting patiently for my brother Shane to escort me up the rock. When Jory and I decided to get married, the first thing I thought about was that I wanted Shane to walk me down the aisle. I knew I didn't want my dad to do it, because I didn't feel like he deserved to and I didn't want my step dad because then it would make my dad feel bad, so naturally Shane could without making either dad feel bad. Posted by Picasa

No one knew we were going to ride the 4 wheeler "down the aisle". It was a last minute idea. As we were standing there waiting for the music to start playing, Shane asked me if he was holding my arm, holding hands or giving me a piggyback ride and then he looked at his 4 wheeler and said we should ride it up the rock! I agreed and we jumped on. Posted by Picasa